It’s time for change.

The current structure of the beauty industry, specifically with regards to freelance artists and small business owners is archaic and way overdue for improvement.

The unprecedented loss in the beauty industry due to Covid 19 and the shutdowns inspired our CEO, Jen Mathias to create a platform that will revolutionize the beauty industry.

To kick this platform off, Jen reached out to members of a facebook group for industry professionals that she created more than 10 years ago. After selecting a diverse group of 21 fellow industry professionals, the group worked tirelessly for months discussing and fine tuning various parts of this “bigger picture” plan.

Global Beauty Pros and it’s programs are the amalgamation of all their efforts.

Each piece of this plan has been strategically designed to not only address the various long standing issues, but also to cultivate a better future for our beloved industry and more importantly, the incredible people that work in it.

~ The Global Association of Beauty Industry Professionals

We are really proud of all that we have accomplished so far and we can’t wait to add even more! If you are interested in joining our team or just want to give us some feedback, feel free to contact us.

Click a section below to learn more about each specific program offered by Global Beauty Pros.

Global Beauty Fund

Continuing Education

Business Resources

Creating a Safety Net

The first goal was to figure out a way to provide self employed beauty industry professionals a safety net for their businesses. Not only did they figure out how to do this, but they actually figured out how to do it for just $2.00 per month…yes really.

This safety net is revolutionary for our industry, as there is nothing like it that currently exists.

This program won’t just help entrepreneurs that are currently struggling because of Covid shutdowns and the aftermath but it will also help future ones that may find themselves in need due to other unforeseen circumstances such as maternity leave, injuries, sickness, domestic abuse etc.

A committee of 7 impartial industry professionals from all over the world have been appointed to determine need on a case by case basis. As funding increases we are hoping to spread these funds even further by offering help to as many self employed artists as we can.

I won’t bore you with all the details here, but please check out this page to earn more about this program:

If you are a beauty industry professional and are in need of help, please fill out the form below. All correspondence will remain confidential and will only be shared with the 7 appointed officials mentioned above.

To join our Pro Only Facebook group, please click HERE.

Professionals and non professionals please follow us HERE.

They started with the #SaveMySalon movement to bring awareness to the current plight of the beauty industry. (To read more about that project, please click HERE.)

We have already made a huge difference within our industry Facebook group. However, in order to reach our future goals, we need your help. Therefore, we have established a few ways you can contribute.

  • Donate to us directly. We are collecting all donor email addresses because we plan to send Tax deductible receipts if/when we are able to. [wpedon id=212]
  • Online store (Coming Soon) 94% of all profits generated from this store will directly go to self employed artists that are on the verge of losing their businesses.
  • Gift Cards (Coming Soon) We are about to launch gift card options to use on various parts of this site. From merchandise to education and everything in between. Soon you can help beauty industry artists twofold, by making a contribution to the fund while also giving your personal stylist a gift card to our site.

If you are a beauty industry professional, please subscribe below for email updates on fund availability.

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You can also visit our FAQ to learn more about membership benefits.