We believe that the only way our industry is going to get better and become more reliable for self employed creatives and small beauty businesses is if we collectively make changes in how we operate, starting with programs like these.

Global Beauty Fund – An Industry Safety Net

The first goal of Global Beauty Pros was to figure out a way to provide self employed beauty industry professionals with a safety net for their businesses. Not only did we figure out how to do this, but we actually figured out how to do it for just $2.00 per month…yes really.

The idea is simple, pros helping pros.

We create a membership platform that includes tons of perks, like free education and other member exclusives, such as group insurance rates. A portion of your membership dues go towards The Global Beauty Fund, which acts as a safety net for all our members. The remaining portion goes towards our operation costs, such as paying our educators as well as maintaining our club eligibility to be able to offer group insurance discounts to our members for example.

Basically, everyone pays in to access these benefits and collectively we solve our own problem.

This program won’t just help entrepreneurs that are currently struggling because of Covid shutdowns and the aftermath but it will also help future ones that may find themselves in need due to other unforeseen circumstances such as maternity leave, injuries, sickness, domestic abuse etc.

If this fund had existed in 2019 and had been operational for 1 year with every member of our facebook group signed up for just our basic $2.00 membership, we could have given $500 to almost 10k members to help them during the covid shutdowns.

That figure is just based on memberships alone and doesn’t count percentages from any other contributing factors that we plan to add. Which is why a percentage of every single purchase from us, whether a product, merchandise or class will go into this fund as well.

The Global Beauty Fund is revolutionary for our industry, as there is nothing like it that currently exists.

Need help?

If you are a beauty industry professional and are in need of help, please visit this page to apply –>

*All correspondence will remain confidential*

Group Insurance Rates

The next goal was to figure out a way for self employed beauty professionals to get access to cheaper health insurance.

Per the most recent study we could find, currently 31% of self employed individuals don’t have any insurance at all and 28% are on individual plans. Group insurance rates on average are 16% cheaper than individual plans and the bigger the group, the bigger the discount. So out of the few that do have insurance, they are likely paying inflated rates because they have individual coverage rather than a group discounted plan.

We discovered a loophole which allows Clubs/Groups to be eligible for group heath insurance rates!!!!

Therefore by incorporating and making Global Beauty Pros an official company with club membership you are eligible to sign up through our group plan. Which means that your monthly premiums will be cheaper and as we grow, so will your discount.


To get answers for commonly asked questions relating to our benefits and programs, please visit:


We are in the process of officially launching all of Global Beauty Pros programs/products/partnerships so we are still adding benefits. We are a small team, so please check back often for updates as this process is going to take us a while.