Common frequently asked questions about our benefits and programs:

About Global Beauty Pro membership:

Can I refer other beauty industry workers?

Yes, we encourage it and better yet…you can get paid for it! Visit our affiliate page to learn more.

Do I have to be a member of your Facebook group in order to join?

No, absolutely not. Our Facebook group is how we started Global Beauty Pros, but in no way is that a requirement to be a member. Our goal is and has always been to be inclusive to ALL beauty pros.

Can I cancel?

Yes cancel anytime. However, you do have to maintain a membership in order to have access to the programs and discounts we offer.

About The Global Beauty Fund:

How do you determine who to help?

A committee of 7 impartial industry professionals from all over the world have been appointed to determine need on a case by case basis.

What happens if my membership lapses and I need help?

You could reinstate your membership and if that isn’t an option, contact us anyway. We don’t want any member past or present to be denied help.

I can’t afford a membership but I really need help, what do I do?

Contact us anyway and perhaps we can still help.

If I get help, will that be made public?

Not unless YOU decide to make it public. We would never share any information like who received assistance or why.

How many people do you help annually?

Our CEO and other Global Beauty Pro members helped several artists out of their own pocket during the Covid shutdowns, which prompted them to start the Global Beauty Fund. The idea is to help each other in a simple, streamlined process without creating strain on any individual/s. As our membership and funding increases we are hoping to spread our funds even further in order to help as many self employed artists as we can.

About our Insurance plans:

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes. Once you become a member and have access to our program page, you will see all the details and be able to request a free quote.

How much money could I save by switching to you?

On average people save 16% on the same coverage by switching to group insurance rates. Your exact savings would depend on the coverage you have and the coverage you want with us.

Can I also sign my employees/business up for insurance through you?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us to discuss details of that prior to purchasing a plan because you may be eligible for additional discounts.

Can I sign my family up though your plan?

Yes of course. Add as many people as you would like.

Am I under a contract by signing up?

No, you can cancel anytime. However, keep in mind that you do have to pay for what you use. So if you stop payment without contacting us, then you do have to pay for that current billing cycle.

Have a question that we didn’t answer here? Contact us and ask!